Web design and development agencies usually have their own philosophy on building websites. For example, a website developer might compete on price, and tend to produce a website much like a cookie cutter makes cookies. Another web designer might produce beautiful graphical work, but ignore the almighty search engine optimization (S.E.O). However, the art of delivering information via the world-wide web requires the integration of many different skills.

To develop a website that really works, successful webmasters need to have strengths in all of these skills. That's why we offer a complete array of web creation talent for our clients:

    + Image Creation/Branding
    + Graphics Design
    + Copy Writing
    + Programming and Database Design
    + Search Engine Optimization
As professional website developers, we are aware that the internet has made physical meetings less relevant. We have used this to a great advantage and as a result, our clients can be and, and are anywhere in the world. The speed at which communication on the Internet makes the exchange of ideas across long distances quite feasible can not be over-emphasized. Whether you are considering developing an Internet website for your small/medium/large scale business, or enhancing your existing one, or developing an Intranet or Extranet site. (Please contact us to get a quote.)

At Schwartz Bacher, we know what professionalism in web design and development means, and we understand that attention to full details is crucial when presenting the message. The most important aspect is the effective conyeying of this message to the target audience. This is accomplished by doing research: analyzing which phrases will resonate with likely customers, quantifying the performance of those phrases with the major search engines, and analyzing other websites' use of those phrases. It is important for your website to have a wider reach. However, what is more important is how many of the right people see it!

As the message reaches the target consumers, it needs to be perfected and refined to make it memorable and useful to that consumer. This would make it possible for a high turnout of sales. Most often, this is accomplished through professional quality graphics design, and concise meaningful textual messages. In some cases, it is effective to reinforce the standard graphics and text with multimedia or sound, depending on budget and to an extent, the bandwidth capability of the target audience.

We develop and manage the following types of websites;

    1. Blog or Personal Website
    2. Business Websites
    3. e-Commerce Websites
    4. Job Board
    5. Business Listings
    6. Question & Answer Websites
    7. NonProfits and Religious Websites
    8. Portfolio Websites
    9. Online Communities (Forums)
    10. Coupon Websites
    11. Auction Websites
    12. Multilingual Websites
    13. Knowledgebase / Wiki Websites
    14. Podcasting Websites
    15. Niche Affiliate Websites
    16. Photography Websites
    17. School or College Websites
    18. Private Blogs
    19. Family Blogs

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